Learn more about chocolate

Chocolate (in the form of cocoa beans) originally comes from South America and it's been brought to Europe by the first conquerors of the American continent. In the beginning, the chocolate had been consumed only in liquid form. Production of chocolate in Europe has increased rapidly in the 18th century. The first chocolate factory was founded in Holland in 1815. The first chocolate in solid form was made in Bristol, England in 1847 and it was made of combination of cocoa powder, sugar and cocoa butter. The first milk chocolate had been made in Switzerland, 1875.

Gradually, the Belgian chocolate gained its privileged position in the European market especially by production of traditional Belgian pralines.

The first classic pralines seen the light of the world in hands of French Marshal Count du Plessis -Praslin chef's - Lasagna. Pralines owes its name to the well-known French marshal.

Pralines are made by pouring a first layer of chocolate into the mold, then filled with filling and again quenched with layer of chocolate. The original pralines have their own traditional recipes and even their own names.

Authentic Belgian pralines are freely inserted into boxes (baskets), called ballotine.

Thanks to the rich history of Swiss and Belgium chocolate making, we make our finest assortment of the delicious chocolate.