Chocolate Q & A

A. How to conserve the chocolate?
Chocolate is best stored in a dry, cool and dark place. It does not like sunlight. The best temperature for the chocolate is around 18°C.
B. Can I put the chocolate in the refrigerator?
A cellar, either natural or electric, is far better than a refrigerator. Condensation forms on the surface of chocolate kept in a refrigerator and changes its appearance.
However, it is better for chocolate to be too cold than too hot. Temperatures above 22°C mean lower storage times, and above 25°C it simply melts.
C. The storage times for chocolate?
Properly wrapped and stored chocolate will keep for up to a year.
Except for the handmade praline chocolate, with its fresh ingredients, can’t store over 6 months.
However, chocolate loses its flavor and taste with times. It is better to eat it quickly once you’ve bought it.
D. The right way to eat chocolate?
The chocolate shouldn’t be eaten cooled, even of the best chocolate will be hopelessly spoiled. Chocolate is considered to reveal its taste at the temperature of 18°C which is at the ordinary room temperature.
When you eat it, to savor and appreciate all its aromas it needs to be at room temperature, just like cheese.